Develop a desired compliance strategy

No executive wants to wake up and find themselves on the front page of major newspapers exposed in some ethics scandal or compliance violations debacle. The  corporate scandals you read about in my blog section is every leader’s worst nightmare. Waiting to see if your organization’s fabric is as bullet proof as you hope isn’t a great strategy.

Companies face many compliance challenges but often lack resources and know-how. Investing in a practical but robust compliance strategy can have tangible benefits for a company such as:

  • meeting its legal requirements,
  • protecting itself and its employees from fines and imprisonment,
  • making it a desirable partner to customers,  investors, banks and employees,
  • protecting its reputation,
  • identifying risks earlier and taking proactive action against any wrongdoing.

About Me


The business world is continually shifting. Corporations face new regulations, changing legislation, increased regulators’ scrutiny and fluctuating risks all the time. I get that. As a dynamic and entrepreneurial compliance consultant, I thrive on the complexities and adapt to the challenges.

My work in corporate compliance covers both internal policies and procedures, as well as international laws & regulations. Preventing and detecting violations of rules and protecting your organization from fines, lawsuits & reputational damage is what I have been trained to do.

My work is tailored for the goals of my clients; it’s crafted carefully, based on company size, specific risk profiles, and geographies. My role is to listen, research, create and design, present and deliver, and cater to your ethics & compliance needs.

Compliance is not just my passion, it’s a big part of my lifestyle. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but just ask my siblings how they feel about anticorruption discussions over breakfast. 



After 13 years of operational practice and management of compliance projects, I aim to use my experience and reflection to help companies achieve the delicate balance between “Performance” and “Compliance Management”.

Through my exposure developing, implementing and monitoring international compliance programs, I have gained hands-on operational experience working on some of the world’s most complex compliance issues, in high-risk industries, as well as in high-risk regions. Some of the industries I have been exposed to include, airlines, defense/aerospace, executive aviation, and automotive.

Through my consultancy, Compliantly LLC, I offer effective and pragmatic support to meet the real compliance challenges & trading risks of companies. I accompany multinationals & SMEs develop a desired compliance strategy with a focus on the following types of compliance programs:

• Anti-Bribery/Anti-corruption (FCPA, UKBA, Sapin II, OECD, World Bank)
• International Trade Sanctions (Boycotts, OFAC, EU, UK, UN)
• Export Controls (ITAR, EAR)
• AML for the Legal & Private (non-financial) sectors

Trusted by cOMPANIES like

I have been honored to work with multinationals and medium enterprises, unfortunately due to the confidential nature of the projects I can’t publish the details.


Experience Matters

"Passionate and committed are just two words to describe Sofia. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sofia for over 3 years in the field of compliance in the defense industry. Sofia has an ability of reviewing complex contracts and regulations while identifying practical solutions specifically tailored for the stakeholders. I have been particularly impressed with her dedication by working long hours in the pursuit of innovative and practical solutions. She has a ‘never give up’ attitude and brings energy to any program."
Kelli Bullington
Trade Compliance Director, Arlington VA, USA (Aerospace)
" I can honestly say that Sofia is one of those rare people who are truly passionate about law and she strives to give her best in all aspects of her work, no job is too small or large for her! I know that she is particularly interested in compliance and ethics and she has a deep understanding of this subject which she excels in. Sofia gives her all to any task she is given and is a self-starter as well as being tenacious in her approach to work. She takes responsibility and provides assistance and guidance wherever needed. She is a great asset to any team."
Theresa Abrefa
General Counsel, Abu Dhabi, UAE (DEFENSE)

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My Services

I am currently accepting new freelance compliance projects.



  • Extraterritorial application of US laws to Non-US compliance programs
  • Establishment of compliance programs for Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Middle East culture & integration for multinationals
  • Independent compliance assessment

Content Writing

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • White Papers
  • Ghost Writing

On-site Support

Secondments. Providing interim and  on-site support for routine compliance matters or checks. 

Training & Awareness

Trainings and workshops that inform, excite, and elevate existing ethics and compliance efforts, initiatives, and programs.


Drafting of contracts, codes of conduct, policies, & procedures.

Legal Translations

 Arabic & French translations and policy review for Middle East application and adoption.

And More!

The above is just a sample of what people would usually reach out for. If you would like to learn how I can drive your compliance strategy forward, feel free to contact me.