Compliantly by Sofia El Mansouri is a boutique compliance consultancy  that offers effective and pragmatic support to meet the real challenges & trading risks of companies. We accompany multinationals, governmental entities, financial institutions & SMEs develop a desired compliance strategy with a focus on the following programs*:

  • Anti-Bribery/Anti-corruption (FCPA, UKBA, Sapin II, OECD, World Bank, ISO 37001)
  • International Trade Sanctions & Boycotts
  • Export Controls (OFAC, ITAR, EAR)
  • Anti Fraud
  • Competition/Antitrust
  • Anti money Laundering AML/CFT

* We may also partner with third party consultancies & advisories on additional compliance topics, depending on the deliverables of your project.


All of our services are carried out within a strict framework of  confidentiality. We undertake to maintain discretion, and keep your information confidential at all times. This commitment applies to all consultants, advisories or subcontractors who may be associated with the assignment.


We help you develop, implement, and monitor your compliance program.

We provide bespoke governance, risk, and compliance consulting services tailored to your organizational needs, including:

  • Design and implementation of international compliance programs
  • Corporate governance reviews
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Policies and procedures 
  • Compliance training, Design and Delivery (in person or virtual)
  • Due Diligence and Investigations
  • Implementation of Whistleblowing mechanisms / Hotlines
  • Temporary Compliance Officer (on-site or virtual support)
  • Risk assessments
  • Conflicts of interest, gifts, travel and entertainment 
  • Anticorruption Audits & Certification ISO 37001 
  • Keynote Speaker Participation (Webinars, Corporate Events, Seminars, Conferences)
  • Thought Leadership and Content Writing (for compliance consultancies, SaaS platforms, Regtech/Fintechs, & due diligence services providers) 


your company

"if you thought compliance is expensive, try non-compliance"

No company wants to find themselves one morning on the front page of major newspapers exposed in some ethics scandal or compliance violations debacle. The  corporate scandals we read about everyday is every leader’s worst nightmare. Waiting to see if your organization’s fabric is as bullet proof as you hope isn’t a great strategy.

Investing in functional compliance strategy can have tangible benefits for a company such as:

  • meeting its legal requirements,
  • protecting itself and its employees from fines and imprisonment,
  • making it a desirable partner to customers,  investors, banks and employees,
  • protecting its reputation,
  • identifying risks earlier and taking proactive action against any wrongdoing.


We specialize in international compliance programs.

Customizable requests

We offer hourly or per project rates.

reliable services

We pride ourselves in a job well-done


"We recently engaged Compliantly LLC to produce a compliance risk analysis for our Company.
We chose Sofia at Compliantly because she has proven experience and is knowledgeable on the matter concerned.
We found working with Sofia a very positive experience, as she is very professional, supportive and attended all of our enquiries on time; in addition, she is extremely kind and passionate about what she does, which gives an added value to the service provided. Sofia is an excellent compliance consultant, we highly recommend her!"
Marian R.
Corporate Legal Counsel, Global Packaging Solutions Manufacturer
"It was a pleasure working with Sofia as a speaker in our last AML webinar. She was very cooperative and available throughout the process of preparation, promotion, and execution of the project. I highly recommend her services."
Ameni N.
Head of B2B Marketing, Leading Fintech
"I have hired Sofia as a Compliance Writer for a series of US Export Control articles. Sofia was very easy to work with and produced excellent pieces which raised my website's traffic and visibility. I highly recommend working with her."
Jennifer s
Owner, US Export Controls Consultancy