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Requesting an estimate for a project only takes a few minutes of your time and costs nothing. This questionnaire was built to help me identify your needs for the project. If the project is rather straight forward after you click the Submit button, I will send you an estimate for a review. Otherwise I will recommend booking a free initial virtual consultation to further understand your needs and whether I am in a position to assist.

 To further help clients, I am also providing answers to some of my most frequently asked questions here. Should you need additional info, feel free to contact me at

I am based in Casablanca, Morocco, but I work with clients all around the world. This section is required to adapt to your timezone.
Is it a newly established compliance program, or an existing one in need of particular enhancements? Who is the audience for training or for the content writing? Information about target group; i.e. specific departments, country, professions, is very helpful to tailor the material to the ideal audience.
Please provide any additional details for the project. What do you want to achieve with my help?