Sofia El Mansouri


Your business needs compelling, high-quality compliance content? I can help. I’m Sofia, and I specialize in writing articles and blog posts for the wider legal, compliance, & GRC community.

Working with compliance platforms and solution providers, I help businesses expand their reach, drive traffic, and build their audiences. I break complex legal and business issues into smaller and easily digestible bits an audience easily absorbs.

You may expect well-researched, reliable and honest writing that establishes your business as a specialist in its field, builds trust with customers, increases your SEO, and draws audiences to your website/blog.

With the right words, research-based writing, a touch of humor or content that fits your company’s voice, your business will stand out and see results.

Want to know more? Below is a selection of the content I’ve written in this area. Feel free to also  visit my Blog or Linkedin pages for sample social media posts and engagement.


Select articles include:


Airline services fined $2.9M by the sfo for failure to prevent bribery

Obvious conflicts of interest and a pattern of corrupt bidding practices led to penalties announced today by the Royal Court of Justice. Sofia El Mansouri, reporting for CCI, outlines the issues and offers takeaways for today’s compliance professionals.


Report Summary

Role of Senior Managers, Intermediaries & Gatekeepers in Foreign Bribery

Some of the latest findings issued by the September 2020 OECD report “Foreign bribery and the role of intermediaries, managers, and gender“, which analyzes data from anti-bribery enforcement actions around the world ( OECD Report).




Tone at the Top- Ethics & Compliance in the Middle East

Setting the tone at the top for any new compliance program can be a daunting and challenging issue – even more so when you are a woman looking to implement a “Western”-inspired compliance program in a Middle Eastern organization managed by men.


Event Reporting

Tone at the Top- Ethics & Compliance in the Middle East

Fresh from the IFCA’s first International Compliance Congress, Sofia El Mansouri offers an overview of the event’s theme and select highlights from the past week.