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SriLankan Airlines Sues Airbus For $1 Billion

The Airbus bribery scandal continues to reverberate around the world. This latest lawsuit against the plane maker revolves around murky allegations of bribery, reputational damage, and lost income at the airline.

UAE: Petrofac banned from bidding on Public Contracts

Petrofac has been banned from competing for new contracts in the United Arab Emirates months after a former executive pleaded guilty to bribery in the U.K. over past work in the UAE.

UK mining group Lands on the SFO’s Radar for Arranging Paris trip for a Foreign Official

UK BRIBERY ACT: Flying a prime minister & his family to France via private jet, offering them a visit at Disneyland Paris and a stay at the George V hotel, is enough to trigger scrutiny under the UK Bribery Act (UKBA).