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FRANCE: Alcatel-Lucent Corruption Judgment upheld

The appeal of telecommunications equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent was rejected by French Courts, finalizing the judgment of 150,000 euros in fines levied against the group for bribery of foreign public officials in Costa Rica in the early 2000s.

SriLankan Airlines Sues Airbus For $1 Billion

The Airbus bribery scandal continues to reverberate around the world. This latest lawsuit against the plane maker revolves around murky allegations of bribery, reputational damage, and lost income at the airline.

Samsung Heavy Industries to pay $149M to settle corruption probe in Brazil

South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) agreed on Monday to pay $149M in a leniency agreement with Brazilian authorities to resolve investigations into acts of corruption and money laundering. 15 months earlier, the shipbuilder resolved similar allegations with U.S. Authorities.

Deutsche Bank fined over $130M to Resolve Bribery and Fraud Violations

Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay US authorities nearly $130M and entered into a DPA to resolve allegations that it breached bribery and fraud laws. A network of consultants in the UAE and Saudi Arabia were used to funnel bribes to clients. Commodities trading… Continue Reading “Deutsche Bank fined over $130M to Resolve Bribery and Fraud Violations”

Multinational Companies Return Money to South Africa after Corruption Probes

What is happening in South Africa lately is so interesting. The results of the so-called “State Capture” investigation have produced some striking findings. South African authorities have investigated how several multinationals contracted with State-owned entities via the Gupta brothers (now exiled in Dubai), who in… Continue Reading “Multinational Companies Return Money to South Africa after Corruption Probes”