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FRANCE: Alcatel-Lucent Corruption Judgment upheld

The appeal of telecommunications equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent was rejected by French Courts, finalizing the judgment of 150,000 euros in fines levied against the group for bribery of foreign public officials in Costa Rica in the early 2000s.

SriLankan Airlines Sues Airbus For $1 Billion

The Airbus bribery scandal continues to reverberate around the world. This latest lawsuit against the plane maker revolves around murky allegations of bribery, reputational damage, and lost income at the airline.

FRANCE: Bolloré Group fined €12m for corruption in Africa

French industrial group Bollore on Friday entered into a settlement with the French authorities over a decade-old corruption case in Togo. The holding company admitted to resorting to corruption and breach of trust in order to win the management of the port of Lomé,… Continue Reading “FRANCE: Bolloré Group fined €12m for corruption in Africa”

Data Privacy: France fines Google $120M and Amazon $42M for dropping cookies without consent

Advertisers take note! Google has been slapped with a €100 million fine ($120M) for dropping cookies on and Amazon €35M ($42M) for doing so on under the enforcement notices issued today.