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FRANCE: Alcatel-Lucent Corruption Judgment upheld

The appeal of telecommunications equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent was rejected by French Courts, finalizing the judgment of 150,000 euros in fines levied against the group for bribery of foreign public officials in Costa Rica in the early 2000s.

Cracking down on Professional Enablers- 2021 OECD Report

Tax evasion, bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, sanction evasion and other white collars crimes are often facilitated by lawyers, accountants, financial institutions and other “professional enablers”. A new OECD report sheds light on the extent on the problem, and offers recommendations.

FRANCE: Bolloré Group fined €12m for corruption in Africa

French industrial group Bollore on Friday entered into a settlement with the French authorities over a decade-old corruption case in Togo. The holding company admitted to resorting to corruption and breach of trust in order to win the management of the port of Lomé,… Continue Reading “FRANCE: Bolloré Group fined €12m for corruption in Africa”

Morocco exits EU’s Grey List to land on FATF’s grey list

I didn’t know it was even possible for a country to exit one international grey list to enter another within the course of one week, but apparently it happens. If that wasn’t enough Morocco was also the subject of a “black report” on its… Continue Reading “Morocco exits EU’s Grey List to land on FATF’s grey list”

Former Geneva Minister found guilty of accepting undue advantage from Abu Dhabi

So the verdict is in: being invited by a Sheikh to watch the F1 race will land you in hot waters in Switzerland. A former Geneva minister has been found guilty of accepting an undue benefit linked to his luxury trip to Abu Dhabi.

Belgium: Airport CEO fired for serious misconduct, corruption

The dismissal was decided by the board of directors following the conclusions of an audit report carried out by Deloitte.