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SriLankan Airlines Sues Airbus For $1 Billion

The Airbus bribery scandal continues to reverberate around the world. This latest lawsuit against the plane maker revolves around murky allegations of bribery, reputational damage, and lost income at the airline.

Belgium: Airport CEO fired for serious misconduct, corruption

The dismissal was decided by the board of directors following the conclusions of an audit report carried out by Deloitte.

Boeing to pay over $2.5B for ‘conspiracy to defraud the US’ over 737 MAX

Boeing has been slapped with a whopping $2.5 billion fine to settle criminal charges with the U.S. Justice Department. The aircraft manufacturer has been accused of defrauding the United States by concealing information about its 737 Max airplane. A delve into the Fraud, the DPA,… Continue Reading “Boeing to pay over $2.5B for ‘conspiracy to defraud the US’ over 737 MAX”

Former Thai Airways CEO Jailed For Using Position To Avoid Luggage Fees

Flying excess baggage and using your position to avoid paying for it is enough to land you in hot waters in Thailand.