Book Review: Living Your Best Compliance Life: 65 Hacks and Cheat Codes to Level Up Your Compliance Program

I’ve recently had the privilege of being among the first individuals to receive an exclusive copy of the latest compliance must-have book, “Living Your Best Compliance Life: 65 Hacks and Cheat Codes to Level Up Your Compliance Program”, by my peer and esteemed friend, Mary Shirley.

As I delved deep into its pages I had the pleasure to uncover the wealth of transformative insights it offers to compliance professionals across the board. Having eagerly anticipated its release, I am happy to note that this book has far exceeded my expectations.

From the moment I cracked open the cover, I was captivated by Mary’s profound words “This book is for those with good hearts, and especially the kindhearted underdogs.”

These opening lines set the tone for a journey that goes far beyond the technicalities of compliance programs. Mary, immediately establishes a connection with the reader by acknowledging the essence of the compliance community—the individuals who not only strive to uphold ethical standards but also bring empathy and heart to their work.

In a world where compliance can sometimes be perceived as a rigid and formulaic discipline, Mary’s declaration strikes a chord by recognizing the unsung heroes of the field—the individuals who go above and beyond, often behind the scenes, to ensure that ethical principles are upheld. This sentiment of inclusivity resonates powerfully throughout the book, creating a sense of camaraderie among those who may feel like they are fighting their battles from the shadows.

Mary’s choice of words, “kindhearted underdogs,” beautifully encapsulates the spirit of those who navigate the complexities of compliance with a dedication that stems from a genuine concern for doing what is right. It’s a rallying call that invites compliance professionals from all walks of life to join in the journey, regardless of their positions or titles. This inclusivity reinforces the notion that ethical responsibility knows no hierarchy and is a shared commitment.

As I delved deeper into the book’s chapters, I discovered that Mary’s words were not mere rhetoric; they were the guiding philosophy that underpins the entire narrative. The insights shared within the book aren’t just for the seasoned leaders or the high-profile names; they are for every individual who is passionate about creating an impact in the world of compliance. Mary’s acknowledgment of the “kindhearted underdogs” shines through in the book’s practical advice, actionable strategies, and motivational anecdotes that speak directly to those who may have felt overlooked in the past.

In embracing and empowering the “kindhearted underdogs,” Mary creates a safe haven within the pages of the book—a space where compliance professionals can find validation, encouragement, and a wealth of knowledge to elevate their careers. The empathy woven into these words transforms this book from a mere manual into a compassionate mentor that recognizes the challenges and aspirations of its readers.

This book isn’t just another addition to the crowded shelves of compliance literature—it stands out by offering a holistic approach that addresses not only the technical aspects of compliance but also the mindset and personal growth of compliance professionals.

The book is now on sale in Amazon, and can be accessed here.

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