Hello! I’m Sofia El Mansouri, The Compliance Lady, and founder of Compliantly LLC. Here are just a few tidbits about me. God and family come first and foremost. I’m a photography geek and love to travel. I am Moroccan. I have been fortunate to have traveled over 20 countries, and been an expat on 3 different continents. Most importantly, I love the business I created to help compliance officers, lawyers, & other directors manage their compliance challenges and streamline their processes– Compliantly LLC.

Onto the more serious bits now – I graduated from the University of Central Florida over 15 years ago with a degree in Legal Studies, undertook a few certifications to deepen my understanding of financial crime– and have been a Group Legal & Compliance director in the United Arab Emirates. All that HR info can be audited on my Linkedin profile.

Over the years, I not only developed experience in setting up international compliance programs, but through sheer curiosity for global regulatory developments, also acquired experience with online content and social media engagement.

I have written a substantial amount of online content for compliance platforms and small compliance services providers throughout the US and the UK. I have been honored to be a keynote speaker at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, and held other speaking engagements at compliance conferences/webinars. It has been a great pleasure being a contributing writer for Corporate Compliance Insights. I have been a guest on the Great Women in Compliance Podcast as well as on the Fintelekt Podcast. But all that illustrious stuff, can be found in my Featured In section.

I have been honored to serve the Compliance and FinCrime community, as an Executive Board Member of the ACFCS MENA Chapter, and as the founder of the Morocco Compliance Network.

I now look forward to serving your compliance program and/or your compliance content needs.

I started Compliantly LLC, because of a need expressed to me by SMEs for boutique consultancies with niche expertise. SMEs in particular, simply do not have the time, resources (or frankly, inclination) to compete with the massive compliance programs found in financial institutions or multinationals. 

We are very excited to partner with you, the smaller firms and consultancies, for your various compliance needs!

Feel free to contact us at any time at info@thecompliancelady.com or with our online form. I personally look forward to working with you to build your compliance program or your firm’s online presence and visibility.  

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