Book Review: Raise Your Game, Not Your Voice

by Lisa Beth Lentini Walker and Stef Tschida | Reviews: Amazon 

When I finish one book and decide which book to read next, there isn’t always a purpose for what I choose. Sometimes I’ll read an excellent book and get inspired to read several more from the same author. Other times I just want to follow a recommendation from a person I respect.

Lately, I find myself reaching for books that help reconcile the complex relationship between compliance and human behavior. Maybe it’s because I’ve had more time to think about the “psychological” part of our role in compliance during the pandemic. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve spent so much time on LinkedIn this year talking about what keeps compliance officers up at night. So when I heard that Lisa, a compliance specialist, and mentor I respect, co-authored “Raise Your Game, Not Your Voice“, I simply had to grab a copy. And boy was I not disappointed!

When a compliance expert and a communications pro have a meeting of the minds, the result is an engaging narrative that motivates the audience into action.

Raise Your Game, Not Your Voice” is an easy to read guidebook by seasoned compliance expert and attorney Lisa Beth Lentini Walker and corporate communications specialist Stef Tschida. As two professionals whose careers have spanned legal, compliance, and communications (with lots of overlap in between), they did a brilliant job describing the keys to effective and strategic communication in laymen’s terms. This knowledge is beneficial when seeking to introduce anything new in an organization—particularly in an area that could use more influencing and persuading capabilities, like compliance.

The book aims to be a motivating and informative guide not only for compliance professionals but for managers who would like to learn to communicate more productively with peers in a compliance-driven company.

The guide explores the keys of storytelling and tailoring your message to your audience, and shares practical and actionable advice from the authors’ own experiences.

I particularly enjoyed “The Storyteller’s Secrets” chapter. As an active blogger myself, and student of compliance storytelling, this chapter of the book, added a few tricks to my communications arsenal on the art of influence, motivation, and persuasion.

Overall, this book gets a thumbs up from me!

Becoming a seasoned compliance professional is a slow and challenging process. That’s why we aim to exchange best practices and resources with some of the greatest minds in the GRC community. I endeavor to share some of my favorite GRC reads with you. The books I share on this blog will be chosen because of their expert advice, their ease of readability, and ease of access for an international community. These books inspired me, and I hope they will inspire you too!

Raise Your Game Not your Voice, is now Available On Amazon

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